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Border Collie Price in India (July 2024)

If you’re considering about adding a furry companion to your family in India, the Border Collie is undoubtedly a breed that merits your attention. Known for their exceptional intelligence, agility, and unwavering loyalty, Border Collies have earned a reputation as one of the world’s most versatile and adept herding dogs.

While the initial investment for a Border Collie may seem significant, it’s essential to remember that responsible pet ownership involves ongoing expenses for food, veterinary care, grooming, and training. However, the love, joy, and companionship a Border Collie can bring to your life make this breed a cherished addition to any family. Border Collies thrive in active households with plenty of mental & physical stimulation, so be prepared to dedicate time and effort to meet their energetic nature.

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Border Collie Price in India

Generally, the cost of a Border Collie price in India can range from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 and even higher for pups with exceptional lineage or who show potential. It’s essential to research and find a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their dogs to ensure you bring home a happy and healthy companion. Let’s check the Border Collie Price in India at different locations:

Border collie price in MumbaiINR 40.,000 to INR 80,000
Border collie price in
INR 40.,000 to INR 80,000
Border collie price in BangaloreINR 40.,000 to INR 80,000
Border collie price in KolkataINR 40.,000 to INR 80,000
Border collie price in
INR 25.,000 to INR 50,000
Border collie price in ChennaiINR 25.,000 to INR 50,000
Border collie price in
INR 25.,000 to INR 50,000
Border collie price in PuneINR 20.,000 to INR 45,000

History and Popularity

The history of Border Collies is intertwined with their origins as herding dogs. The breed’s name comes from their ancestral home, the border region between Scotland and England. It is believed that the Border Collie we know today descends from collie-type herding dogs used by shepherds in the border region since the 18th century.

The breed’s development gained momentum in the 19th century when formal sheepdog trials became popular. These trials tested the dogs’ herding abilities, intelligence, and obedience, and Border Collies excelled in these competitions due to their remarkable intelligence and natural herding instincts. In 1873, the first official sheepdog trial was held in Bala, Wales, and it marked the beginning of Border Collies’ recognition as a distinct and highly skilled herding breed.

Over the years, the Border Collie’s popularity has soared, especially among farmers, shepherds, and those involved in dog sports and competitions. Their intelligence, agility, and trainability make them ideal working dogs, and they are often considered the premier herding breed. Beyond their herding prowess, Border Collies’ incredible intelligence has drawn the attention of dog enthusiasts and trainers worldwide.

However, as with any popular breed, their increased visibility also brought challenges. The breed’s popularity led to some unethical breeding practices, and some individuals with a limited understanding of the breed’s needs attempted to keep them as pets without providing adequate physical and mental stimulation, leading to behavioural problems.

Due to their working heritage and high energy levels, Border Collies may not be suitable for every household. They require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, and a job to stay happy and balanced. Consequently, potential owners must thoroughly research the breed’s characteristics and make an informed decision based on their lifestyle and ability to meet the dog’s needs.


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Border Collies are medium-sized dogs that boast a distinctive and elegant appearance. Their appearance reflects their incredible athleticism and agility, which aligns with their herding heritage. Here’s an overview of the typical features that define the appearance of Border Collies:

Body: Border Collies have a well-proportioned and muscular body. They are known for their agility and endurance, enabling them to work tirelessly for extended periods. The body is slightly longer than tall, giving them a sleek and athletic silhouette.

Coat: Their double coat is one of their most striking features. The outer coat is dense, weather-resistant, and smooth or rough. The rough-coated Border Collies have longer hair and a noticeable mane around their necks. The undercoat is soft and insulating, protecting from the elements.

Coat Colors: Border Collies exhibit various coat colours and patterns. The most common colours include black and white, red and white, tricolour (black, white, and tan), blue merle (mottled grey and black with white markings), and sable (shades of brown with lighter undercoat).

Head: The head of a Border Collie is well-balanced and proportionate to its body. They have a moderately wide skull with a pronounced stop (the area where the forehead meets the muzzle). The muzzle is strong and tapers slightly towards the nose.

Eyes: One of the most captivating features of Border Collies is their expressive and intelligent eyes. They are oval-shaped and come in various colours, including brown, blue, and even one blue and one brown (commonly referred to as “split eyes”). The intense gaze of their eyes is often used to control and direct the livestock they herd.

Ears: Border Collies have moderately sized, upright ears set well apart on their heads. Their ears are sensitive and contribute to their excellent sense of hearing, helping them respond swiftly to commands.

Tail: Their tail is often bushy and reaches down to their hocks. When Border Collies are alert or excited, they tend to hold their tail high. During moments of relaxation, their tail may hang down.

Size: Border Collies are considered medium-sized dogs. On average, males stand around 19 to 22 inches (48 to 56 cm) at the shoulder, while females are slightly smaller, measuring about 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm).


Border Collies are renowned for their distinctive and fascinating characteristics, which make them one of the most intelligent and versatile dog breeds. From their herding heritage to their unwavering loyalty, here are some key traits that define the Border Collie’s personality:

Intelligence: Border Collies are often regarded as the most intelligent dog breed. They have an exceptional ability to learn quickly and understand complex commands. Their intelligence makes them highly trainable and eager to work with their owners.

Herding Instinct: Bred as herding dogs, Border Collies possess a strong instinct to gather and control livestock. They may exhibit herding behaviours with children, other pets, or inanimate objects, even if they have not been exposed to herding tasks. This instinct is deeply ingrained in their nature.

Energetic and Agile: Border Collies have boundless energy and require regular physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. They are incredibly agile and excel in canine sports like agility, flyball, and obedience trials.

Work Ethic: Border Collies have an extraordinary work ethic due to their herding background. They are always eager to please their owners and are motivated by tasks and challenges. This makes them ideal working dogs and competitive performers in various dog sports.

Alertness and Sensitivity: Border Collies are highly alert and observant of their surroundings. They are very sensitive to environmental changes & can be attuned to their owner’s emotions, making them intuitive companions.

Problem-Solving Abilities: Their intelligence is complemented by impressive problem-solving skills. Border Collies can assess situations and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles or complete tasks.

Loyalty and Bonding: Border Collies form strong bonds with their human family members. They are loyal and devoted to their owners, and this loyalty often extends to other pets in the household.

Communication: Border Collies have a unique way of communicating with their handlers. They may use their intense stare, “eye,” and body language to guide and control livestock. They can also use these cues in a domestic setting to communicate their needs and intentions.

Independent Thinkers: While highly obedient and trainable, Border Collies can also be independent thinkers. They may try to assess situations and act on their judgment, which requires consistent, firm, and positive training.

Versatility: Beyond herding and sports, Border Collies can excel in various roles, including search and rescue, therapy work, and assistance tasks. Their versatility and adaptability make them valuable in various working roles.


What is the origin of Border Collies?

Border Collies originated in the border region between Scotland and England, where they were developed as highly skilled herding dogs.

Are Border Collies good family pets?

Border Collies can make excellent family pets, especially in active households. However, they require plenty of physical & mental stimulation to thrive.

Do Border Collies get along with children and other pets?

Border Collies can get along well with children and other pets if properly socialized from a young age. Their herding instincts may lead them to try and herd small children or animals, so supervision is essential.

How much exercise do Border Collies need?

Border Collie are highly energetic dogs that need a substantial amount of exercise. They require daily activities such as long walks, playtime, & mental stimulation to stay happy and prevent behavioural issues.

Are Border Collies easy to train?

Border Collies are highly trainable due to their intelligence and eagerness to please their owners. They excel in obedience training and various canine sports.

Do Border Collies shed a lot?

Border Collies have a dense double coat, and shedding can vary depending on each dog. Regular grooming can help manage shedding.

Are Border Collies prone to any health issues?

Border Collie can be prone to certain health problems like all breeds, including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and eye conditions. Regular health checks and responsible breeding can minimize these risks.

Do Border Collies require mental stimulation?

Because of their high intelligence, mental stimulation is crucial for Border Collies. Engaging them in activities like puzzle toys, training sessions, and interactive games is essential to keep their minds sharp.

Can Border Collies live in apartments?

While Border Collies can adapt to apartment living, it’s not ideal for their high energy levels. They require ample space to run and play, making them better suited for homes with a yard or access to open areas.

Are Border Collies suitable for first-time dog owners?

Border Collies are better suited for experienced dog owners or those willing to invest time and effort in training and providing adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

Do Border Collies bark a lot?

Border Collies can be vocal, especially when bored or not getting enough attention. Proper training can help manage excessive barking.

Are Border Collies good with strangers?

Border Collies can be reserved or cautious around strangers. Early socialization can help them become more comfortable in new situations and with unfamiliar people.

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Border Collie Price in India are worth by their exceptional canine companions, showcasing their intelligence, agility, and herding instincts. With origins rooted in the border regions of Scotland and England, these dogs have evolved into versatile working dogs and beloved family pets. Their boundless energy and remarkable problem-solving abilities make them ideal candidates for various dog sports and tasks. However, potential owners must be ready to meet their high exercise and mental stimulation needs. For those prepared to invest time and effort, the Border Collie’s unwavering loyalty and devotion make them extraordinary additions to any active and dedicated household.

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