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Macaw Parrot Price in India ❤️(June 2023) – Feeding Cost, Life Span

If you want to know about the macaw parrot price in India, then welcome you are at the right place. As we talk about, India is starting to have a huge market for birds as pets as they are small in size and easy to handle.

There are a number of birds, among which the macaw is one. In today’s world, it is gaining huge popularity among Indian bird lovers and therefore macaw parrot price in India rising drastically.

Macaw parrots are highly intelligent and very beautiful birds that are especially fond of children.

There are number of varieties in macaw, each with their own characteristics and their own personality.

Macaws are quite interesting birds, but sometimes it may be difficult to take care of them, so before getting any macaw parrot, make sure you are ready. If you would like to know more about how to Macaw Parrot Care, you can get detailed information here.

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So in this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about macaw bird price in India and ignore any wrong decisions about them.

Macaw Parrot Price In India (2023)

The macaw parrot price in India starts from INR 30,000 and extends up to INR 50,000. As a bird, it is pretty costly, and its price increases more depending on factors like age, type, gender, quality, location, and the breeder.

The macaw parrot price in India are different from place to place, as the price of one place is different from the price of another.

The main reason why this parrot is much more expensive than the normal parrot is because of its distinctive features.

Kolkata Macaw Parrot PriceRs 35,000 to Rs 250,000
Kerala Macaw Parrot PriceRs 40,000 to Rs 250,000
Chennai Macaw Parrot PriceRs 35,000 to Rs 250,000
Bangalore Macaw Parrot PriceRs 40,000 to Rs 300,000
Hyderabad Macaw Parrot PriceRs 35,000 to Rs 250,000
Coimbatore Macaw Parrot PriceRs 25,000 to Rs 300,000
Mumbai Macaw Parrot PriceRs 35,000 to Rs 225,000
Ahmedabad Macaw Parrot PriceRs 30,000 to Rs 250,000
Delhi Macaw Parrot PriceRs 40,000 to Rs 300,000

Every macaw parrot has a different factors that affect their prices in India. If we talk about Glaucous macaw parrot price in India, they are expensive due to their rarity and as for Blue and Gold macaw parrot price in India for their striking feather colours.

All macaw parrot prices are different.

Want to know about a types of different macaw? You can visit our detailed post to know more about the various types of macaw bird.

The more popular the parrot, the more it is prized.

It sometimes also depends on the availability of the parrot due to the shortage and demands its increases prize.

  • Age: The macaw parrot price in India depends on their age. The younger birds have a higher price because they have high spirit, energy, and are easily trainable. On the other hand, the old macaws are calm by nature, have a lack of interest in things, and are also difficult to train.
  • Quality: The breeding affects the macaw parrot price in India. A poorly bred bird is healthy on the outside but aggressive on the inside, whereas a well-bred bird has a balanced temperament and is less likely to exhibit such aggressive behavior.
  • Breeder: The breeder who takes their time and effort for the birds will charge a huge amount for a bird, but he will not be worth the price as it causes you trouble because of their lack of training. If you would like to train your macaw bird at home, our macaw bird training 6 tips and tricks will helps you a lot.

As we talk about the origin of the macaw parrot, it mainly originates from tropical rain-forest regions in Central and South America.

The macaw parrot eggs price in India can vary depending on the species and the breeder. On average, the cost of a macaw parrot egg can range from approximately ₹10,000 to ₹30,000. Later on, it also affects the macaw parrot price in India.

When it comes to behavior, they are very well behaved and get along with other species such as cockatoos, though it is recommended that you do not put them together as they will fight.

Macaw Parrot Lifespan

The macaw parrot’s average lifespan was about 30–50 years. Some lucky ones also lived up to 70 years. So be ready to take care of your bird for a long time.

The height of the macaw parrot depends on the species and its subspecies. So , on average, the height of a macaw parrot is about 18 inches to 20 inches in length.

One of its breeds, which is the red-and-green macaw, is one of the largest types of these birds and it can grow up to 27 inches long from head to tail feathers.

Macaws are widely famous for their striking colours, which add an extra dimension of beauty and make people take them as pets. The macaw parrot price in India will be differ for the rarest one compared to the regular one.

Macaws are born to be interactive. They like to interact with humans; they love to play games with them and also enjoy jokes. So here we can say that the macaw parrots are quite intelligent and social birds.

The Macaw parrot is also known for its mimicry behavior; they can mimic people’s words and actions when speaking.

As we talk about the maintenance of this bird, it is quite high.

Macaw parrot price in India differs by their mixture of many colours, like yellow, red, blue, black, etc., and they are in a specific design.

An every

Height18-20 inches
Weight0.5-1 kg
OriginSouth America
TemperamentFriendly, Active
Lifespan50-60 years
Maintenance LevelHigh
Types Of Macaw11
ColourBlue-and-Yellow, Red-and-Green, Blue-Throat etc.

Maintenance cost of Macaw Parrot in India

Feeding Cost of Macaw Parrot

The feeding of the macaw parrot mainly depends on its size and age, but it’s recommended that you give them between 1 and 15 grams of body weight every day.

As for the food, there are a lot of different bird foods available on the market, among which the pellets, which are made from ingredients such as corn and rice, because they contain balanced levels of protein , fiber, and fat, which are essential for keeping your pet healthy.

You should not allow them to eat things like breadcrumbs, as they cause themselves digestive problems due to the high carbohydrate content.

You can buy Macaw Parrot bird food from any pet shop in India for about Rs.300 per kg, which lasts for a couple of weeks.

Toys for Macaw Parrot

You can get toys for macaw parrot online. This type of toy is used to improve your bird. They are quite expensive, so before you buy them, make sure to look around for a better offer for your preferred price.

The price of these toys is about 500-1000 rupees.

Cage for Macaw Parrot

The most important thing for a bird as a pet is its cage. Because it was a digger in size, it required plenty of room in the cage to move around and stretch its fangs.

A good quality cage can cost you around 2000-7000.

Bathtub for Macaw Parrots

Bathtubs are essential for macaw parrots as they provide a means for them to engage in their natural behavior of bathing and keeping their feathers clean which resulted to increase the macaw parrot price in India. The price of a suitable macaw bathtub can range from approximately ₹500 to ₹2000, depending on the material, size, and brand. It is important to choose a sturdy and spacious bathtub that accommodates the size of a macaw, allowing them to comfortably splash around and maintain their overall well-being.

Give a proper bath to your macaw bird by following our perfect tips.

All in all, not only macaw parrot price in India is high, but the maintenance cost of the macaw bird is pretty high which may be clean your wallet.

Things you should consider before getting a Macaw Parrot in India

  • They are very Loud: The Macaw are very loud birds and can be extremely noisy during breeding season. This might also gets annoying sometimes. If the proper training is being provided these birds tends not to be noisy unless provoked such as teased.
  • Longer Lifespan: The Macaw bird lives longer life like up to 30-50 years .
  • Need a Bigger Cage and Room: As the Macaw bird is bigger in size and this bird also needs an big cage so he can fly easily in the cage. As there are also strong by nature so smaller cage can be destroyed.
  • Strong Destroyer: This bird is a lot stronger than many of the birds. He can destroy as any thing comes closer to his range so you have to make sure avoid this stuff.
  • They are not good for the beginners as they difficult to take care and manage.
  • They don’t like to be alone: The Macaw are really an social bird they don’t like to ling alone in their cage they needs an accompany or he would feels tortured.
  • They can be aggressive: The Macaw parrots has been known for their aggressive nature towards humans and other beings. They may bite you if they feel any type of threat from you. The owner suggests not to been too strict on the macaw or else it may become aggressive towards you.

FAQs About Macaw Parrot

Are macaws allowed in India?

Although some nations limit the import and export of these birds and due to that the macaw parrot price in India becomes extravagant.

Are macaws legal in India?

No, macaws are not native to India and are not legal to be kept as pets in the country. Under the Wildlife Protection Act of India, 1972, the sale and trade of non-native birds like macaws are illegal. Even though the illegally imported macaw parrot price in India is way much costly than we think. Keeping macaws as pets is not only illegal but also unethical as it is detrimental to the birds’ health and well-being, and can lead to the spread of diseases. It is important to respect and protect the wildlife of a country and to avoid buying or selling illegal wildlife.

Do you need to get two Macaws?

If you’re a working professional, getting two macaws is a terrific option because they are social birds who don’t fare well alone. So that when you are away, two macaws can socialize together.

Can macaws talk?

Yes, macaws are known for their ability to mimic human speech and other sounds. They are considered to be one of the most talkative parrot species and are known for their clear, loud, and often amusing voices.

Why is macaws so Expensive?

Macaw parrot price in India is very expensive due to their rarity, captive breeding, longevity, high demand, and import/export regulations. They are highly sought after as pets due to their striking colours, intelligence, and ability to mimic human speech. However, the high cost does not necessarily make them a good choice as a pet, as they require a lot of attention, care, and specialized knowledge.

What is the cheapest parrot?

Budgerigar, Lovebird and Cockatiel are the cheapest parrot in the market. It is important to remember that the cost of a parrot is only one factor to consider when deciding whether to get a pet bird.

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Wrap Up

  • Having a macaw is a different type of commitment in which it takes about 40-50 years of your life, in which you need to spend your money, time, and efforts for the next decades.
  • They are attentive and crave what they always need side by side. This also makes it difficult for your social life.
  • If you are a beginner, then don’t go for this bird.
  • They are unbelievably loud and also noisy.
  • These birds are mostly given for adoption or let go because of the sheer amount of responsibility and the long-term commitment that comes with the greater responsibility.
  • So before you get the macaw, you have to think several times.

Hope our article has solved your questions about the Macaw Parrot and macaw parrot price in India.

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